Village Experience

The Dryandra Woodland Village is an experience for the individual, a couple, family and groups.

 On arrival, you are greeted by “Julie and Les” who will direct you to your accommodation.  They are also a valuable source of information on birds and animals in the woodland and activities in and around the village.

Your cottage will have been 5 star glampingly prepared for your comfort and convenience.  After you have unloaded your gear and settled in,  sit on the porch and contemplate your surroundings. Please BYO linen, quilt, pillows and towels, or sleeping bag;  or hire some for interstate/international visitors.

The paddock out front has kangaroos, currawongs and magpies;  numbats and echidnas if you look for them, and numerous bird species.    Such a peaceful and relaxing hideaway.

 At night you may be serenaded by the beautiful songs of the bush stone curlews.


You may want to have a walk around the village first up to familiarise yourself with your surroundings.   Take your camera, binoculars and a bottle of water.

Back at your accommodation, if it is cold you may want to set and light the fire.  This may require a bit of wood chopping (not on the slabs please) from bags purchased at the office/caretakers (@ $10 per bag).   Once lit you can sit in the comfy lounge chairs and make plans for the next day.

The village has a old tennis court, playground with a flying fox; and plenty of space for the children to ride bikes and play games.

The Woodland has walk trails, drive trails, dams, and picnic areas to keep you busy during the day.  Pre-book a tour to “Barna Mia” for the evening.

The kitchen is fully equipped with a full size fridge and stove, microwave, and all crockery, cookware, utensils and cutlery to enable easy meal preparation.  So in no time you are fed, the dishes washed with good hot water and the kitchen tidied.

Then you decide to read for a while in the lounge which is comfortable and on a cold evening is warm and inviting because of the fire that is slowly burning. You start the book you have been meaning to read but have not had the time. Well you have all the time in the world and as you read, you feel the quietness and the ambience of your surrounds.  It is timeless here at the Lions Dryandra Village.

Eg., a Mallee Fowl video…then others follow on youtube:

Check out the possum box on the front veranda at dusk as you will probably see a family of possums emerging for their night time activities.  An evening stroll seems like a good idea.  Take a torch as you may see more possums, woylies and maybe an owl.  Listen for the curlews and any other night sounds.

Look up and see the most amazing array of stars, visible here on a clear night like nowhere else because of the low ambient light.

Now early to bed to prepare for a full day of adventure tomorrow.

You smile to yourself. It has been a good day so far. A good experience in the Lions Dryandra Woodland Village.

On leaving please give it a good clean, putting rubbish in the outside bins then please leave the keys at the office drop box, and book ahead for your next visit, cheers, Les and Julie.