Conditions of Hire

Enjoy the bush but No Pets allowed: BYO linen, pillow, towels, toiletries, food, bottled drinking water and enjoy 5 star glamping. (Interstate visitors can hire linen).
Enjoy the peace and No Drones allowed: and bring a camera or binoculars or bikes.
Be kid safe and 20 km/hour in the village and park in your own bays on main track.
Collection of firewood from the Woodland / National Park is prohibited: Bags of firewood can be purchased for $10.00
Other board games, bocce, cards, books, tennis rackets, are in the Office, enjoy.
Do not feed the wild animals/birds, and enjoy the Kangaroos + joeys and possums and curlews and echidnas and numbats, and boodies and quendas and woylies and malas and … from a safe distance.
No firearms please: and enjoy  “Camp Fires” only in designated bar-b-cues
Please clean the cottage on departure, sweep, wipe surfaces, wash floor, wash and put away dishes, empty inside bins to outside bins: Thanks in advance or $30 minimum cleaning fee.
When booking, phone and pay a deposit of  50% by credit card.
If cancellation is within 21 days of the booking the deposit will be forfeited unless we can rebook it;  and use the  deposit for your next booking.
Re-COVID: …We, LDWV, have a COVID Safety Plan Certificate (12 June 2021):             Staff have Training and Certificates:  Please do your part and keep social distances (2sqm/person); use hand sanitizers provided; help keep communal surfaces clean; keep healthy and avoid coming if sick; and use RATS tests as required, thanks. 

Note: One Day Bookings may incur a $30 cleaning/booking fee:

Note: Book ahead with DePaw for “Barna Mia” ( DePaW =ph= 98845231)

Note: Interstate / International Visitors can hire linen:

Note: Water is dam water with 120micron mesh filtered; ok; Some iron discolouration may still occur, if you wish, you can byo drinking water or enjoy our beautiful water.