Lions Dryandra Woodland Village:

Please just walk around and explore our beautiful village:

Explore around the oval-paddock in front of the cottages; and/or just look from your veranda and relax with beer or wine or a “cuppa tea”.

The new dam is just 500m N/NE up the road;

The old dam is just 500m SW across the oval-paddock.

The DePaW walks can start and finish from the village.

Brings some bikes to peddle around the gravel tracks;

Bring some spotlights for night tours and see Quendas, Possums, Owls, Chuditch,,

Bring a Telescope for great night stars on the oval;.

Binoculars  and walking around may help you see 105 birds; and reptiles; and kangaroos, wallabies, possums, woylies, echidnas,,,,;

or have fun at the new kids playground with a “flying fox” and bbq.

Lots todo, please book for a few days and bring your friends too.

Try joining into our facebook page; and share your pics.

You will find that speaking to the caretakers, g’day Les and Julie, you will be able to decide what is best to do in the time available during your stay at the village.

The Parks and Wildlife Department of Government Western Australia is also a good source of information about what to see and do whilst in the Dryandra Woodland.
Link –

Self Drive Tours
23 kilometre Darwinia drive trail –  includes five pull-over bays where interpretive information is provided on the complexity and interdependence of natural systems at Dryandra. Using specific examples of relationships this drive will take you into the heart of the woodlands. Pack a picnic lunch or take a short walk to search for orchids near the granite outcrop at stop five. – See more at:

Walking Trails
This brochure provides information for walk trails that will take from 30 minutes to 4 hours –

Take  Guided Nocturnal Tour
Take a guided nocturnal tour in a tranquil sanctuary that has become home for some of Western Australia’s native animals facing extinction. Experience an unforgettable journey through Barna Mia in picturesque Dryandra Woodland
Barna Mia –